What Is Chainmaille?

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A Definition

Chainmaille, which is also known as mail, maille, or chain maille, is a type of armour consisting of small metal rings linked together in a pattern to form a mesh. Back in the day, and I mean a really long time ago (the Dark Ages, High Middle Ages and the Renaissance), chainmaille was worn by soldiers as an armour. Mail armour provided an effective defense against slashing blows by edged weapons and penetration by thrusting and piercing weapons.

Chainmaille Armour

Casting morbid thoughts aside, chain maille has evolved to modern-day use. It is used as a protective clothing for butches against the meat-packing environment. Woodcarvers also use similar maille gloves to protect their hands from cuts. It is also used as stab-proof vests.

As the years go by, and its practical usefulness has passed, chainmaille has become and remained a decorative symbol with military overtones. It can now be seen in sculpture and jewellery, especially when made out of precious metals or colourful anodised metals. On top of the strong heavily-linked metal rings in chunkier accessories, chainmaille can also be made into delicate adornment pieces for the neck, ears and wrists.

Chainmaille Pieces
Image: Grant BEAM Robotics

Chainmaille as Jewellery

The beauty about chainmaille jewellery is in the complexity of the design, and more importantly, its symmetry. Its repeating patterns creates an immense bond between the metal rings, representing strength to the wearer. Chainmaille is handcrafted; every single ring is attached by hand to the other ring. When handmade well, chainmaille jewellery will never break apart, even without any soldering carried out.

SCA Chainmaille Jewellery

Personally, I’m a big fan of chainmaille jewellery. I admire its intricacy and balance in symmetry in the big, complex pieces, and adore how it can be made into smaller, finer pieces. When handcrafting the jewellery, it cultivates a sense of peace and calm when joining the rings together. It has also taught me a great deal of patience, especially when it comes to the more difficult pieces.

I believe that chainmaille signifies strength to the wearer, whether he/she is wearing a chunky maille belt, or a beautiful maille bracelet.

Union gives strength.
~ Aesop (620 BC – 560 BC) ~

Early Notice for Christmas Break

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Sweet Contemplation Accessories will be closed from 6 December ’09 to 5 January ’10 for the Christmas holidays. It is a month-long break spent with loved ones in Malaysia and to celebrate Christmas and the coming New Year with them. During that time, we will also be sourcing new material in order to create more unique pieces for the store.

Please note that any orders placed during that period will only be shipped after 5 January ’10. As Christmas is just a month away, it’s not too early to start thinking about Christmas pressies. Perhaps you might find something here that a friend and/or loved one would like? ;)

New Items Added!

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New items added, and just in time for Christmas too :) Please click on the individual photos for more information.

Layout Amendments

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After tinkering with the website, along with user feedback, I’ve decided to change the layout of the shop a little. So from now on, instead of having just one row of products, it will be split into two. This way, users will not have to scroll down the page that much to view all the items.

Welcome to Sweet Contemplation Accessories

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First of all, welcome! I’m very glad to have launched this website as it’s something that I’ve been thinking about for a long time now. I love jewellery, love fiddling about with them, and what better way to harness that love than to actually make them myself! I’m very glad for the love and support I’ve received from loved ones during the past many months. And for you to stop by, I highly appreciate it too.

Have a browse around. Do subscribe to my feed if you like, as I’ll be announcing new pieces and discounts here.

Do stay tuned, and have a great day ahead!