Pretty In Pink To Support Breast Cancer Awareness

Time September 30th, 2010 | Category Necklaces, Newly Added.

Saddle up, ladies, for it’s October, a month of Breast Cancer Awareness. It’s something we should be most aware of, for breast cancer is the most common cancer among Australian women, accounting for 28% of all cancer diagnoses in 2006*. The statistics are overwhelming, but there’s something we can do to ensure early detection, and that’s a regular, monthly breast self-examination.

Pretty In Pink for National Breast Cancer Foundation

In conjunction with the month-long event, other than making sure you lovely ladies get a gentle reminder to do your breast self examination (please do not just make it once a year, but have monthly self checks, okay?), I’ve created something simple but beautiful pink Swarovski crystal necklace to wear throughout the month to show my support for the awareness. And now, it can be yours too for only $30. It’s only available for sale in October 2010, and is a limited edition piece.

Best part is, ALL the proceeds of the necklace, 100% of them, will go to the National Breast Cancer Foundation in aid of research, early detection and finding a cure for breast cancer. Not 10 cents, not $2, but every cent of every sale will go towards the foundation. Now that’s a cause worth supporting, no? ;)

Source: National Breast and Ovarian Cancer Centre

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